Six Scots named on British Athletics WCPP

Libby Clegg and Chris Clark

With the Paralympic Games in Rio now over individual sports seek to identify the athletes that will receive high performance funding as we head into the next Paralympic cycle.  British Athletics have announced the athletes that will receive this funding, which is provided by the National Lottery through UK Sport, with emphasis based on winning medals at a Paralympic Games.  Consideration will have also been given to those athletes with the potential to medal at the IPC World Championships being held in London 2017.

SDS wish to congratulate Jo Butterfield, Libby Clegg, Maria Lyle, Stef Reid, Sammi Kinghorn and Derek Rae who have been announced on the World Class Performance Programme (WCPP).  This is split into two levels: Podium (for athletes with the potential to win medals at Tokyo 2020) and Podium Potential (for athletes developing towards Tokyo 2020 and the Paralympics in 2024).


Libby Clegg
Jo Butterfield
Stef Reid
Maria Lyle

Podium Potential

Sammi Kinghorn
Derek Rae

A full report can be found on the British athletics website: