Scottish RDA Dressage Championships 2017

The weather forecast was horrible but regardless 36 brave riders came out for the Scottish RDA Championships, at Glasgow RDA, on 1st October.  Although most of us got very wet, and the ground was rather soggy, it was not as bad as we had anticipated.  Conditions worsened once we were all safely on our way home!

 We welcomed riders from as far afield as Gordon, the Borders and for the first time East Fife & Scooniehill RDA from Fife. They told me how much they had really enjoyed seeing just what other groups and riders are achieving.  We saw excellent displays of riding all round but especially from those whose ponies really did not want to be performing out in the rain – a total of 9 groups were represented.  For the first time we had a Gran and Granddaughter both getting 1st rosettes.

 The Championship sashes were awarded to Janette Lightbody from Carrick and Lauren Dempsey from Glasgow.

 Huge thanks to Nancy Peters for organising the whole event, Lynda and everyone from Glasgow RDA, Helen and Anne, the judges, their writers, Gillie, at the shop, Mary, for being the photographer, and Isabelle, for taking care of everything else.  Most of all thank you to every rider, and their support teams for making the whole day a really great, fun day.