Libby Clegg and guide Mikail Huggins at Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games
Libby Clegg, T20




Keith Antoine


Career Highlights
2013 IPC Athletics World Championships, T12 100m & 200m – 2nd
2012 Paralympic Games, T12 100m – 2nd
2012 European Championships, T12 100m & 200m – 1st
2012 Paralympic World Cup, T12 200m – 2nd
2011 World Championships, T12 100m – 1st & T12 200m – 3rd
2011 World Games, T12 200m – 1st
2011 World Games, T12 100m – 2nd
2008 Paralympic Games, T12 100m – 2nd

Twitter: @LibbyClegg

Libby Clegg is Scotland’s most successful visually impaired female sprinter of all time. As a 16 year old she competed in class T12 for GB at the 2006 IPC World Championships in the Netherlands and won gold in 200 metres. From that moment a star was born and Libby has gone on to excel in every major competition since, including two Paralympic Games and many major championships.

Libby was born in Cheshire and attended the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh. Libby now lives in Loughborough, is affiliated to the Charnwood club and is coached by Keith Antoine. The Beijing Paralympic Games introduced Libby to the world stage and she responded accordingly with a silver medal in 100 metres.

Success after success followed in the build up to London 2012. At the Paralympic World Cup in 2009 Libby won gold in 100 metres and silver in 200 metres and a year later won gold in the same event for 100 metres. In 2011 in Turkey Libby won gold at the IBSA World Games over 200 metres and silver in 100 metres. In the same year she won silver and bronze in 200 metres and 100 metres respectively at the Paralympic World Cup in Manchester. 2011 will however be remembered for Libby’s outstanding gold medal in 100 metres and bronze for 200 metres at the IPC World championships in Christchurch, New Zealand.

In the build up to London, Libby excelled at the German Championships in Berlin, won double gold at the European Championships in the Netherlands and then completed her preparations with double silver at the Paralympic World Cup at Sportcity. The scene was set for her second Paralympic Games and yet again Libby turned in an exceptional performance, winning silver over 100 metres in a time of 12.13. One year later this outstanding young Scot produced double silver at the IPC European Championships in Lyon, France.

In July 2014, who can forget her gold medal 100 metres run at Hampden Park to win gold for Scotland at the Commonwealth Games on home soil. Throughout her career Libby has been an outstanding ambassador for SDS and Scotland and has made herself available as an athlete representative whenever required. Libby has been an inspiration to visually impaired sportswomen all over the world and the rapport she demonstrates with her guides is a feature of her great skills as an athlete.