Fife Fund Raiser Assists Wheelchair Racer

Susanne McGrath and Neil Smart

Over the years Disability Sport Fife (DSF) has been well supported by a significant number of community fund raisers. Their commitment, enthusiasm and hard work has enabled many DSF members to access funding for equipment and training, travel to events and access to medical support. Performance sports participation is an expensive business and DSF has benefitted from the generosity of a wide range of community based charity fund raisers.

Neil Smart from Kirkcaldy is the latest fund raiser to identify DSF as a “good cause” worthy of support. Neil has a strong circle of friends and his strategy involves inviting them to a night out with appropriate entertainment. Ticket receipts, raffle and auction raise the funds for the “good cause” and DSF was fortunate to be the recipient organisation of his most recent social event.

DSF recently introduced Neil to Susanne McGrath – who will be the beneficiary of Neil’s most recent fund raising efforts – at the DSF office at the Michael Woods Sports and Leisure Centre. Neil’s “night out” raised over £1000 towards the purchase of a new racing wheelchair for Susanne.

Susanne has completed one marathon to date in a borrowed second hand DSF wheelchair and this year she plans to compete in marathons in Dublin and Edinburgh. Susanne recently attended a wheelchair racing workshop led by the lead Athletics GB Coach and was advised that she requires a new bespoke chair and DSF agreed to help. The efforts of Neil and his friends have secured over one third of the costs of that new chair which is now on order.

Richard Brickley MBE
President, Disability Sport Fife