Disability Tennis Opportunities in Edinburgh

Advantage, Edinburgh’s Disability Tennis Programme, is working with a range of partners to deliver a range of tennis opportunities for individuals with a range of disabilities. Please see details of these exciting and inclusive sessions below – they are a great way to become involved with a new sporting activity.

Sunday 18th February (12 noon to 2.30pm) – TF Learning Disability Regional Tournament – Craiglockhart
This event is a red and orange ball tournament run by the Tennis Foundation for children who have additional support needs.

Wednesday 28th February (9.30am to 12 noon) – Edinburgh University Disability Open Day – The Meadows
This event is a series of taster sessions for students of the university who have additional support needs to try out tennis and hopefully begin playing regularly.

Saturday 28th April (2pm to 3.30pm) – Whizzkidz – Craiglockhart
This event is a wheelchair tennis taster session for a charity that helps junior wheelchair users get accustomed to using a chair and find activities to help them improve their quality of life.
More information can be found on the organisation here – http://www.whizz-kidz.org.uk/.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities then please contact Advantage Coordinator, Michael Millar on MichaelMillar@edinburghleisure.co.uk. The events are also keen to welcome anyone interested in volunteering – if this is something you are keen to support then please contact Michael on the email address above.

To find out more about Advantage and the regular opportunities on offer then visit http://www.edinburghdisabilitytennis.co.uk/.