Come & Play with Glasgow Disability Tennis

Learning Disability plus all family members

Learning disability tennis is suitable for all ages and abilities as the coaching sessions can be modified according to a player’s ability to maximise enjoyment & success

Wheelchair plus all family members – Wheelchair tennis integrates very easily with the non-disabled game as it can be played on any regular tennis court, with no modifications to rackets or balls. Wheelchair players are allowed up to 2 bounces of the ball

Deaf plus all family members

Deaf tennis has no adaptions to the rules but coaching can be modified for all ages and abilities to enjoy

Visually Impaired plus all family members

Visually impaired tennis is played on a smaller tennis court, using smaller rackets, an audible ball and raised lines. Players who are totally blind are allowed three bounces while partially sighted players are allowed 2 bounces

All equipment including wheelchairs available

For more information see the attached leaflet