August 18, 2014

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 18th August 2014 at sportscotland, Caledonia House, South Gyle, Edinburgh  EH12 9DQ at 1600 hours.


Gordon McCormack OBE, Chair
Catherine Goodfellow, Vice Chair
Gerry Milne, Director
Dave Rhoney, Director
Janice Eaglesham, Director
John Reid OBE, Director
Iain Smith, Director
Sandra Proudfoot, Director
Gavin Macleod, CEO
Caroline Lyon, Company Secretary


Anna Tizzard, Director
Claire Morrison, Director
Jo Bell, sportscotland Partnership Manager


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and congratulated Dave Rhoney on starting his new job with Battle Back.

Conflicts of Interest

Vice Chair – Commonwealth Games Scotland.


Minutes of previous meeting – 16th June 2014

Page 5 – Eliza Watson is now moving abroad and will not be available to help at the AGM.

Matters Arising


  • Aileen Neilson has agreed to be the guest speaker and Jon Doig, CEO of Commonwealth Games Scotland, to provide the closing remarks.
  • The award winners have been selected and trophies are being returned to head office.
  • David McCrae has donated the bursary and Capability Scotland have confirmed they will continue with their bursay.
  • The annual report is with the printers and a first draft is awaited.
  • Sound & Vision have been contracted to look after AV.
  • The BBC and sportscotland have been asked for footage and photos which can be used.
  • Board nominations have been submitted by two Branches and all existing Board members have received nominations.
  • Janice Eaglesham has agreed to stand as Chair and Catherine Goodfellow to continue if elected as Vice Chair.
  • The revised Articles of Association are complete and it was suggested that the final item on the AGM agenda be the approval of these.
  • Revised Articles to be circulated to Board for consideration within ten days then to all Branches by 3rd September.
  • The main points are:
    • All governance documents are now in one place;
    • Updated from 2006 Companies Act;
    • The appointment of new directors is formalised;
    • Board members will stand for three years;
    • One third of the Board will resign each year;
    • Individual Board members can serve two consecutive terms and thereafter be elected year by year.

Sub Groups


Finance sub groups dates to be set.

The accounts are complete.

An additional funding bid for £50,000 has been submitted to sportscotland.  A verbal indication of success has been given but confirmation is required.

There may be another opportunity for additional investment, and a submission has been prepared and sent to Calum Wood and Jo Bell regarding funding the sports for which SDS has responsibility: boccia, bowls and football.  The submission deadline is 26th September 2014.


The sub group has met and four Branches have been put forward as meeting the criteria.  Following review all will be awarded certificates at the AGM subject to Board agreement.  The Opportunities & Equality and Opportunities & Events Managers were commended on their work in this respect, resulting in more professional and robust relationships with Branches.  Nine of the 13 Branches have now achieved the MOR and in future this will be a requirement for insurance.

It was agreed to award the certificates to the four Branches under consideration.


Arrangements have been in place covering Tayside & Fife from 1st August.  Tina Gordon is covering Tayside on a consultancy basis for an interim period of one year and funding and targets have been agreed with Disability Sport Fife.

Coaching and Education

Education Scotland have agreed to provide further DIT funding to augment current provision as well as funding to develop a course covering severe and complex needs and autism.  An e-learning resource may be required.


A plan for the communications programme has been drafted by consultants including a media kit and campaign.  This has been sent to sportscotland for confirmation of £4,500 funding.  Once this is confirmed the CEO will circulate it to the Board.

Development Sports

A meeting will take place with Bowls Scotland tomorrow and on 28th August with Scottish Athletics to develop inclusion and enhance working relationships.  The aim is an inclusive structure within sport governing bodies.

Partners’ Update

With regard to the new para sports facility planned for Inverclyde.  SDS’ agenda is inclusion and that all facilities should be inclusive through governing bodies, particularly with regard to high performance sport.  Inverclyde have invited SDS to meet to ensure the centre is fully accessible and a group is being reconvened with John Gheel of sportscotland.

The CEO and Janice Eaglesham had attended the UKSA Board meeting in June.



Scotland had come fifth equal with England in the CP European Championships.

Michael Kerr had captained the GB wheelchair rugby team and finished fifth in the World Championships.

In the IPC European Swimming Championships Andrew Mullen won gold medals in the S5 200m freestyle, SM5 200m medley, S5 50m backstroke 50m and S5 50m butterfly, and silver in the S5 100m freestyle and the S5 50m freestyle.  Scott Quin won silver medal in the SB14 100m breaststroke.

The IPC Athletic European Championships will start tomorrow in Swansea with five Scottish athletes taking part: Samantha Kinghorn (T53), Jo Butterfield (F51), Maria Lyle (T35), Libby Clegg (T12) and Stef Reid (T44).

The Boccia World Championships will take place in Beijing next month with six Scots selected to the squad.

At the IWAS World Junior Championships in Stoke Mandeville Meggan Dawson Farrell won gold in the T54 1500m and seven gold medals and one silver were won in race running.

Commonwealth Games

Scotland had 22 athletes, guides, directors and pilots in the Games.  Medals won comprised three gold, three silver and one bronze, achieving SDS’ target of more medals and more athletes than at previous Games.  It was considered that the inclusion was seamless, including coverage and the portrayal of classification.

Letters had been sent out to all partners and athletes congratulating them on the successes.

SDS website usage had increased from 100+ visits per day to a total of 22,000 visits during the games with a peak on 27th July of 15,630 visits when Erraid Davies won gold.


Board training will take place at Stirling Management Centre on 31st October and 1st November, with the CEO and current Chair attending on the Friday afternoon.  John Bull will be facilitating.

The AGM is on 24th September 2014 at 7pm at the Windlestrae Hotel in Kinross.  It was suggested and agreed that the first subsequent Board meeting be held on Tuesday 11th November.

John de Courcy has been asked to deliver Disability Inclusion Training at Edinburgh University.

A meeting had been held with the Malaysian sports minister during the Commonwealth Games.  The forthcoming project would be funded jointly by the Malaysian government and Maybank.

A toolkit for the self assessment audit would be received from sportscotland on 3rd October with a deadline for submission of 1st December.

The CP World Games are being held next year in England.  A working group will begin next month, and initial numbers have been submitted to CP ISRA.

A National Paralympic Day is being held at Braehead on Sunday 31st August.

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 11th November 2014