An Exceptional Fife Sporting Family

Hailey, Finlay and Skye with their collection of medals

The Davidson family from Inverkeithing have just enjoyed a spectacular weekend at the UK Dwarf Sports Association National Games in Birmingham. Inspired by the enthusiasm of her two children for sports, mum Hailey has only recently returned to active participation with immediate success.

Hailey and children Finlay and Skye competed in a wide range of sports events, as is the tradition at the National Games, winning 13 national titles. Sport is massively important to every family member and their lifestyle is one of daily physical activity across a range of sports within their local community.

Disability Sport Fife (DSF) is a much richer organisation since Hailey, Skye and Finlay signed up to DSF less than a year ago and everything they turn their hand to it is with total commitment. From martial arts to swimming, athletics to team Games, if there is an opportunity to be active the children will take the chance to join in. By attending the DSF Thursday run, jump and throws session at Pitreavie weekly, their track and throwing skills in particular have improved immensely. This was remarked upon by the officials at the National Games.

Hailey is an inspirational lead advocate in the Scottish Branch of the National Dwarf Sports Association. DSF coaches recently provided a training session for Branch members prior to their involvement in the National Games. Hailey is keen to encourage as many Scottish families with children with achondroplasia to become involved in sports as possible.

The Davidson family have been supportive of the Get Out and Get Active programme in Fife (GOGA) and value enormously the benefits of regular involvement in physical activity. The full list of their achievements at the weekend was as follows:

60m gold
Discus gold
Shot putt gold
Javelin silver
Shooting silver

20m gold
10m gold
Cricketball gold
Frisbee bronze
Hockey gold
Football gold
Cycle silver
Swim gold

60m gold
40m gold
Relay 60m gold
Javelin gold
Shot putt bronze
Hockey bronze
Basketball bronze
Cycle bronze
Football bronze

Finlay and Skye head out to Canada for the World Games for Dwarf athletes later in the year and we wish them well. The Birmingham Games were perfect preparation. Well done to the Davidson family – outstanding sporting role models.

Richard Brickley MBE
President, Disability Sport Fife