2016 – 2 June

SDS young persons Sport Panel                      

Thursday 2 June 2016

Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Jennifer Livingstone, Colette Martin, Caitlyn Ross, Callum Sloan, Gemma Lumsdaine, Danielle Joyce, Hope Gordon, Lewis McConnell, Mitchell Graham, Alan Gray

Apologies: Shelby Watson, Stefan Hoggan, Ross Foley

Media Training

Gillian Cooke from Commonwealth Games Scotland attended the YPSP meeting to deliver Media Training (requested by the ypsp). The training was very well received by all and covered many topics such as what is media, information on the various types of social media and how to best use it. Gillian also led the group through a practical session where the young people participated in individual live interviews with feedback and top tips on how to come across well in live interviews. Thank you to Gillian for giving up her time and coming along to deliver the training.

Saltire Awards

JL gave the YPSP information on the Saltire Awards. All panel members have been asked to sign up for this where they can log their volunteering hours. This will also be an item on the agenda at the next meeting

Website articles

The panel members were reminded to submit their website articles when it is their month to do so (table below). Thank you to those who have already submitted articles, they are proving to be big hits on the SDS website and Facebook page


Month Name
March 2016 Gemma Lumsdaine
April 2016 Callum Sloan
May 2016 Shelby Watson
June 2016 Hope Gordon
July 2016 Caitlyn Ross
August 2016 Danielle Joyce
September 2016 Colette Martin
October 2016 Lewis McConnell
November 2016 Ross Foley
December 2016 Mitchel Graham
January 2017 Alan Gray
February 2017 Stefan Hoggan



YPSP members can claim volunteer expenses (JL has send the form to all members) for travel to meetings and for volunteering at events. Members can claim 30p per mile. Please send completed forms to JL as soon after the meeting/event as possible.

Agenda Items for 2 October

Young person sports panel member responsibilities – chair, vice chair, secetary, other roles and responsibilities etc)

Saltire Awards

SDS National events – feedback/sign up

Training needs – potential overnight stay?


Please let me know if you would like anything added to the agenda


Future meeting dates

Sunday 2 October 2016 All day (definite times for the YPSP meeting TBC but if you can be there to help at SDS branch conference and AGM that would be great – let JL know) Stirling Court Hotel – SDS Branch Conference and AGM
Thursday 8 December 2016 6.00pm – 8.00pm Stirling University Swimming pool meeting room


SDS National Events

It was agreed that the young persons panel would be represented at National events. Please let me know if you cannot attend the events you are down for asap.

Event Date Venue Panel member
Wheelchair Extravaganza Day 12 June 2016 Stirling University Hope Gordon

Alan Gray

Callum Sloan

Gemma Lumsdaine

Lewis McConnell

Caitlin Ross

Senior Athletics 14 September Grangemouth Sports Centre Colette Martin
Central Parasport Day 25 October 2016 Grangemouth Sports Complex Colette Martin