DSC_0039Volunteering is the giving of time and energy through a third party, which can bring measureable benefits to the volunteer, individual beneficiaries, groups and organizations, communities, environment and society at large.  It is a choice undertaken at one’s own free will, and is not motivated primarily for financial gain or wage or salary.

SDS is well supported by invaluable volunteers who have helped shape the current organisation and continue to play an active role in the affairs of the association.  The partnership of volunteers and staff working together with a common aim and clear objectives is the SDS model.

Download the Valuing Volunteers pack which clearly outlines the SDS commitment to volunteers and volunteering.

Volunteers Policy


This Policy will operate on the following guidelines:

  1. Volunteers shall have the support and approval of our organisation’s management and administration.
  2. Opportunities will be provided for volunteers to represent their views at Senior Management level on all aspects of the organisation’s work.  This is done through the SDS Board Directors.
  3. Management will regularly review the benefits and costs of volunteers to the organisation.
  4. All paid staff will be fully informed of the rights and responsibilities of the volunteers.
  5. SDS shall regularly review its policy concerning insurance, reimbursement for out of pocket expenses, working conditions and other benefits to volunteers.
  6. Before commencing volunteering, SDS will require the submission of an application form, uptake of suitable references and for volunteers to be subject to a Disclosure.
  7. As part of the recruitment process, volunteers will be provided with clear roles and responsibilities.
  8. Roles and responsibilities will match the volunteer’s skills, talents and interests.

Summer Sports Camp volunteers

Event volunteers

Janice Eaglesham and Ian Mirfin receiving the BBC Unsung Heroes Award

Summer Camp

Boccia referees