SDS Needs Your Vote – People’s Projects Lottery Funding

We are delighted and excited to announce that our Engage Project is a finalist in the People’s Project National Lottery Fund. The public votes and the winning projects are awarded funding.

Scottish Disability Sport and the Engage Project need your vote to help us win funding to run the project!

How can you vote for the Engage Project?

You can view a short film and vote for the Engage Project here.

Voting is open between 9.00 am on Monday 20th March and 12 noon on Monday 3rd April.

What is the project?

The project is Engage, designed to offer people with disabilities the chance to take part in sport, no matter their age, ability or experience.

What will the Engage Project do? 

The Engage Project will bring the benefits of sport to people with disabilities across Scotland by introducing them to a variety of sports, offering new opportunities to take part and training local volunteers to include people with disabilities in their sessions.

Why should you vote for the Engage Project?

You should vote for the Engage Project because it will make a huge difference to the people we work with. Sport can be life changing; sport through the Engage Project can open a whole new world to people with disabilities.

Instead of staying indoors and being socially isolated, the Engage Project will give people activities to look forward to and will enable them to become active, healthier and form friendships. Parents and carers will also benefit from meeting others at sessions.


What are the sports?

For more information on the sports covered by the Engage Project, see the factsheets and ideos on our website here.

What will the Project do?


New Participation Opportunities

  • 6 new boccia participation opportunities across Scotland
  • 4 new learn to swim opportunities across Scotland

Training for Coaches and Volunteers

  • Disability Inclusion Training for Coaches and Volunteers
  • Boccia Leaders Training
  • Inclusive Teacher Workshops for Swim Teachers

The People’s Projects is a partnership between the Big Lottery Fund, ITV, STV and The National Lottery that gives the public a say in awarding National Lottery funding to local projects across the UK.