SDS National Para Bowls Squad Selection Policy




Purpose of the Selection Policy  

The main purpose of the SDS Para Bowls Selection Policy is to identify a National Squad of performance bowlers and coaches who can be assembled for training and coaching at prearranged times at agreed venues. The National Squad will be used to identify the bowlers who will be selected for Scottish Teams that will compete in international competitions. These will include:

  • the Commonwealth Games
  • IBD World Championships
  • Home Nations Championships
  • other high performance competitions as they arise.

Players selected for the National Squad will compete for places in Scottish Teams for the competitions identified above. When Para Bowls Events are included in the Commonwealth Games, the SDS Para Bowls selection panel will identify players from the National Squad to be considered by Commonwealth Games Scotland (CGS) for Team Scotland. Commonwealth Games potential Para Bowlers will be identified in two stages:

  • Commonwealth Games extended squad
    (See the SDS Commonwealth Games Extended Squad selection policy)
  • Commonwealth Games final squad
    (See the CGS selection policy)

Eligibility Criteria:

Potential squad members must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Be eligible for selection under the rules of the International Bowls for the Disabled (IBD)
  • Meet the minimum disability criteria for Para Bowls (MDC) and meet the criteria for an IBD Para Bowls class.
  • Have a physical impairment that satisfies the criteria for IBD Classes B5-B8 or a visual impairment that satisfies classes B1-B4.
  • Eligible for Scottish selection under the rules of Commonwealth Games Scotland
  • Comply with WADA Anti-Doping Policy at all times

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be applied to determine who is eligible and included in the National Para Bowls Squad:

  • Potential National Squad members must be members of a club affiliated to SDS, SABB or Bowls Scotland.
  • National Squad members must demonstrate a commitment to the SDS Bowls Programme
  • Performance Analysis gathered at squad days and competitions including scores on specific training drills
  • Attitude, enthusiasm and commitment to training, preparation and coaching.
  • Performance record in National and International Para Bowls events on appropriate playing surfaces
  • Current competition form and readiness
  • Skill Test performances at national trials and selection events
  • Suitability as a team player and able to contribute to team dynamics
  • Position specific criteria
  • Fitness for bowls tests
  • Strategy awareness
  • Skill progression
  • Ability to react positively to game pressure

Having discussed and agreed individual and squad commitments, players will be asked to sign an SDS National Squad Code of Conduct. Breach of the Code of Conduct may lead to de-selection from the National Squad. The SDS Performance Bowls Group reserves the right to select and deselect from the National Squad.

Selection Process

The National Para Bowls Squad will undergo regular reviews and be announced annually in September. Following the National Squad selection meeting, successful players shall be notified of the decision of the Selection Panel in writing through the SDS office. The selected National Para Bowls squad for the year ahead will then be published on the SDS website at a prearranged date and time.

  • No player will be informally notified of their selection following the selection meeting.
  • Notwithstanding the above, the Head Coach may contact successful and unsuccessful players prior to the distribution of formal communications.
  • All players are expected to adhere to any confidentiality requirements or embargo placed on selection notification by the Head Coach.
  • Any player who has not been selected for the National Squad may contact the Head Coach to seek further clarification regarding their non-selection. A non selected player may request an immediate clarification meeting with the Head Coach. This meeting will be held within three days of the National Squad being announced. Following this meeting a player may appeal in writing, stipulating the grounds on which the appeal is made, to the Chief Executive Officer of SDS.  The appeal must arrive at the SDS office within four days of the clarification meeting with the Head Coach. SDS appeals process will then come in to action.

De-selection from National Squad

A player may be de-selected from the squad if he/she:

  • Demonstrates a lack of commitment to training, coaching and tournament preparations
  • Demonstrates a decline in playing standard
  • Incurs an illness or injury that, in the opinion of the Head Coach, could inhibit their performance in a competition
  • Breaches the SDS National Bowls Team Code of Conduct
  • Any de-selected player will be informed of their de-election verbally and in writing. Any de-selected player will receive feedback from the Head Coach to clarify the de-selection decision.  These discussions will be documented and a copy of the notes sent to the player and one retained on record.  At any time a de-selected player has the right to appeal the decision.

Right of Appeal

Appeals against selection in relation to this selection policy will be made in accordance with the SDS appeals procedure.

Selection Panel

The following members of the SDS Bowls Performance Group will act as the selection panel:

  • SDS Head Para Bowls Coach: Voting Member and Casting Vote
  • One member of the SDS Para Bowls coaching team: Voting Member
  • SDS Performance Manager: Voting Member

Download the selection policy here.