Norma Buist Schools Swimming Gala

Schools from across Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire were bright and early at Cults Swimming Pool for the Norma Buist Swimming Gala on Thursday 22nd September.  This gala is the qualifier for the National Learning Disability Junior Championships held at Tollross International Swimming Centre on 23rd November.   The gala also acts as a warm up event for our athlete with a physical and/ or sensory impartments who will compete at the national championship in Grangemouth on 2nd November.

The event was heavily support by both the active schools teams in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire who took on many of the officiating responsibilities for the event.  Many thanks must also go to Marie Cheyne who pulled together the programme of events for the day to ensure the gala ran smoothly.

There were some great swims on the day with lots of new faces as some of the older swimming have now left school and moved into senior swimming and will compete at the Mary Duncan Swimming Gala to be held once again in March at Fraserburgh Swimming Pool.

39 children attended from 7 different schools.  With 28 of these children have now been selected to be part of team Grampian travelling to the national championships.

Thanks go to all the staff and volunteers on the day to make the gala possible.