New Coach New Session in Cowdenbeath

Julie Hogg with players at Cowdenbeath

Disability Sport Fife (DSF) is delighted to report that experienced international player and highly respected badminton coach Julie Hogg from Dunfermline has signed up as a DSF coach and is now leading a new badminton session at Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre. Julie’s late husband Russell was a major influence in the decision by DSF to adopt badminton as a priority sport.

Numbers have grown steadily over the first two weeks of the project thanks to support from the Fife Sports and Leisure Trust and partners. The badminton session is the first DSF project to be added to the DSF weekly physical activity programme as a consequence of support from the nationwide Go Out and Get Active (GOGA) initiative funded by Spirit of 2012. The session runs from 14 15 to 15 15 on Tuesdays at Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre.

West Fife Community Support Services have identified the session as another opportunity in west Fife to encourage adults of all ages and abilities to be more active and learn/practice new skills. Potential participants can register their interest by contacting Norma Buchanan Administrator Disability Sport Fife.

Richard Brickley MBE
President, Disability Sport Fife