Josie Scoops High Life Highland Volunteer Award

For the last 14 years Josie Aitken has been a tremendous influence within the disability sporting sector with her drive and enthusiasm.

She was one of the founding members of the Disability Inverness Sports Club (DISC) an affiliated group of Highland Disability Sport which she still runs weekly today with a small band of volunteers. She was Chairperson of the Scottish Down Syndrome Society (Highland) prior to that and found that sport was better for her daughter Laura who has Down Syndrome to be involved in.

Since 2003 Josie has also helped establish the Highland Disability Swim Team where Laura regularly trains. Both are now embarking on their 4th Special Olympics which take place every 4 years and will be held this year in Sheffield.

Thanks to Josie’s fundraising skills and endeavours, the swim group are able to cover the costs of travel and accommodation of all their swimmers and coaches. Josie also organises a Christmas Disco for all the disability groups with people travelling from as far away as Caithness to attend, such is the popularity of it.

She regularly organises nights out to Rollerbowl for the swimmers which is a great team builder for the group and recently organised a Fashion Show fundraiser for the swimmers.


These are just a few of the things that Josie involves herself in and we believe that there are a lot more but she is too modest to tell. Congratulations Josie.