Honorary Life Membership for George Keith

George Keith

George Keith has been an outstanding ambassador for the sport of table tennis.  He was appointed as an honorary life member of Table Tennis Scotland on Wednesday 12th October at Aberdeen Sports Village.     A plaque was presented by his good friend Harry Vine, who has helped George for over 15 years to coach the players with additional support needs.

George is an exceptional player himself but has brought the sport across the region for anyone to get involved in table tennis regardless of their ability.  He enhances their skills in a safe, secure environment, building their confidence.  Many players have developed well and are now able to compete and play in the mainstream environment.  He has also supported athletes to transition into coaching allowing the structure he set up more than 30 years ago to be sustainable.

He also runs a league for players across Scotland with a disability so they get competitive opportunities out with their club environment on a regular basis.

George has also been the driver behind getting a disability section into the North East Table Tennis Competition held at Aberdeen Sports Village each year, thus allowing players to develop further and gain further competitive opportunities at the next level.

George, who has a disability himself and is a former Paralympian, travels the length and breadth of the country with his athletes allowing them to get out of the sport what he has for many years.

George’s life is table tennis and specifically table tennis for athletes with disabilities.  He still has the passion and drive after all these years to keep developing and supporting players to achieve to the best of their ability.  George knows what his sport can bring to athletes and knows first-hand the long term benefits sport can bring to athletes with a disability and wants others to have this opportunity.