Grampian Disability Gymnastics Summer Camp

Disability Gymnastics Camp

The first Disability Gymnastics Summer Camp in the north of Scotland took place at the Gordon Sport Centre in Aberdeen on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of July 2016.

Ingrid Taylor, Chairperson of City of Aberdeen Gymnastics (COAG), officially welcomed the participants to the premises on the first day. She witnessed some of the sessions during the weekend and was present on the last day to thank everyone and wave them goodbye. A very personal touch which made all participants feel unique and valued.

During the weekend, 19 gymnasts from Glasgow and Aberdeen, with ages ranging from 7 to 37 years old, experienced workshops in the disciplines of Women’s Artistic, Men’s Artistic, TeamGym, Rythmic and Acro. They learnt new skills from the specialised coaches and from each other’s performances. They worked with different team mates and hopefully formed new friendships. Everyone participated with such enthusiasm and good-humour: well done to every single one of them!

A huge thank you goes out to all the volunteers (17 coaches and chaperone) who helped the whole event run smoothly and shared their knowledge and experience! Their contributions were invaluable and very much appreciated by all who took part.

A special mention about the following volunteer coaches: Peter Boucher, Margaret Kerr, all of the coaches from Beacon Rhythmic, Evelyne, Mags, Kay, Steph, Sonia etc, Dawn Morley from Beacon TeamGym. Dorothy McQueen and Gail Robson also came to the Camp without gymnasts and involved themselves unconditionally. A very impressive gift!

Also thanks to our sponsors, Tesco store Inverurie, Sport Aberdeen and Scottish Gymnastics.

Overall, the training camp was very well received by all who took part, adults and children alike. Each, according to his/her needs, appeared to have benefited greatly and left exhilarated; hoping that this event format can be repeated on a regular basis.

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