3rd Scottish Title for Tayside Dynamos

Team photo of Tayside Dynamos

Following a great season, Tayside Dynamos clinched their third Scottish Powerchair Football Association League title on Sunday.

The Dynamos secured their position at the top of the table with two very tough victories and a showdown against Clyde Alba for the title. Despite a create performance from Alba, the Dynamos rear guards Kelsey Speed and Logan Mitchelson had the game of their lives. Kein Speed and Nicky Duncan proved they had taken in the last training drills and again proved to be a dynamic duo up front. Young Eythan Galloway was deployed as a secret weapon taking the pressure off the back two. A large amount of credit must also go to Liam Ritchie and Kristen Macmaster, who embodied the team ethos of “Respect, Determination, Teamwork”. Dynamos look forward to sharing their next season with teammate Alexander Johnstone.

Behind any great team is great coaching and support staff in the form of Garry, Gareth and Ryan. Many thanks to Head Coach Garry Johnstone who has led the Tayside Dynamos on an amazing journey and has helped raise the standard of powerchair football in Scotland.

Tayside Dynamos, an incredible squad based in Dundee and Forfar, are currently looking to recruit more players for a second squad. If you are interested in trying powerchair football in Tayside, please contact Jennifer Scally at jennifer.scally@scottishdisabilitysport.com.