Interest in Disability Athletics Never Been Stronger in Fife

Pitreavie Junior Group

The interest in run, jump and throws and performance athletics across Fife has never been stronger. Disability Sport Fife (DSF) lead athletics coaches backed up by a team of excellent volunteers are offering quality sessions in St Andrews, Glenrothes and Dunfermline with ever increasing weekly attendances of athletes of all ages and abilities.

Mainstream athletics Clubs Fife AC, Pitreavie AAC, Anstrer Haddies and Dunfermline Track and Field then offer an athlete pathway for those individuals with performance potential and commitment. The relationship between DSF and the clubs in Fife is excellent and the success of Owen Miller, Sam Fernando and Derek Rae from Fife AC and Michael Mellon from Pitreavie AAC is an indicator of the strength of the relationship.

A couple of years ago DSF coach Pamela Robson was appointed to work with up and coming wheelchair racer Callum Sloan on Thursday afternoons at Pitreavie Athletics Centre with support from the Fife Sports and Leisure Trust. The session was then opened up to other young athletes with a physical or sensory impairment and senior wheelchair athletes. The session has really taken off and is supported by key volunteers like athlete mum Gayle Sloan who is now about to take her Level 2 Athletics coaching qualification through Scottish Athletics.

NHS physiotherapist Katie Kinch has played a lead role in identifying new members for this session and the two FUNdamentals sessions offered to DSF members at Carnegie Leisure Centre and the Michael Woods Sport and Leisure Centre. DSF is proud of the many different opportunities that are available to young participants of all levels of ability with a disability across Fife.

Photo: participants with a physical or sensory impairment who attend the Thursday run, push, jump and throws session at Pitreavie Athletics Centre

Richard Brickley MBE
President Disability Sport Fife