2017 National Junior Athletics Championships

The 2017 Scottish Disability Sport Junior Athletic Championship – run once again in partnership with Scottish Athletics – was hosted once more by Grangemouth Stadium. Over 350 athletes from all over Scotland were welcomed from schools and clubs covering the length and breadth of Scotland.

One of Scotland’s leading athletes Sammi Kinghorn  – whose selection for London 2017 World Games, along with fellow Scots Maria Lyle, Stef Reid and Jo Butterfield, was announced during the event – was on hand to lend her experience and expertise to the many youngsters aiming to emulate her achievements. Sammi competed alongside Sean Frame as senior guests at this event and their presence ensured the younger athletes in the wheelchairs all performed considerably faster than they had previously at this event. Luke Deighan (Red Star) secured no less than four Championship Best Performances (CBPs) in the 100m, 200m, 800m and sharing the 400m CBP with Kyle Brotherton (Red Star) – who added the 1500m CBP – to his own collection of achievements.

CBPs were tumbling all around with Red Star’s Nathan Fleetwood enhancing his growing reputation with two record breaking performances from the T20 athlete in the 100m and 200m.

Highlands Abbie McNally and Eve Grant were each celebrating their own CBPs for athletes with a physical disability in the 100m, 200m (both Abbie) and the 400m (Eve). Abbie added the Long Jump CBP to her impressive haul with a distance of 3.56m.

It was fantastic to see entries from our partners at Dwarf Sports Association Scotland which saw Finlay and Skye Davidson, Andrew Davies and Merryn Binnie collect a total of 10 medals including an amazing three golds for Skye.

It is imperative that the opportunities for our athletes to follow in the prestigious journeys of elite Scottish athletes before them, such as Sammi, remain plentiful and varied therefore it remains paramount that local, branch and regional competitive calendars are enhanced and supported by schools, clubs and athletes in the area to ensure every athlete has access to more competitive experiences.

Scottish Disability Sport and scottishathletics would like to thank all involved in making the day a success. Particular mention should go to the volunteer officials from scottishathletics and the students from West Lothian College, with whom we continue to have an excellent relationship.

SDS look forward to welcoming our senior athletes to the National Senior Athletics Championships in Grangemouth in September.

Photo © Laurence Bisset