Month: February 2015

2015 – 25 February

SDS young persons Sport Panel                      

Thursday 25 February 2015

Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Jennifer Livingstone, Heather Lowden, Catherine Goodfellow, Colette Martin, Shelby Watson, Ross Foley, Caitlyn Ross, Callum Sloan, Gemma Lumsdaine, Danielle Joyce, Hope Gordon

Apologies: Lewis McConnell, Mitchell Graham, Alan Gray, Stefan Hoggan

Website articles

It was agreed amongst the group that all panel members would write a website article for the SDS website over the next 12 months. The article should be about an event you have been involved in, helped co-ordinate, taken part in as an athlete and any courses/workshop you have attended for personal development.  Each panel member has been allocated a month over the next 12 months to write the article which should be sent to JL by the end of the allocated month and only needs to be a couple of paragraphs long. For those who were not at the meeting we have allocated you a month.


Month Name
March 2016 Gemma Lumsdaine
April 2016 Callum Sloan
May 2016 Shelby Watson
June 2016 Hope Gordon
July 2016 Caitlyn Ross
August 2016 Danielle Joyce
September 2016 Colette Martin
October 2016 Lewis McConnell
November 2016 Ross Foley
December 2016 Mitchel Graham
January 2017 Alan Gray
February 2017 Stefan Hoggan

Future meeting dates

Day Date Time Venue
Thursday 2 June 2016 6.00pm – 8.00pm Stirling University Swimming pool meeting room
Sunday 2 October 2016 All day (definite times TBC) Stirling Court Hotel – SDS Branch Conference and AGM
Thursday 8 December 2016 6.00pm – 8.00pm Stirling University Swimming pool meeting room

SDS National Events

It was agreed that the young persons panel would be represented at National events. Can those of you who were not at the meeting contact JL

Event Date Venue Panel member
Sportshall Athletics 3 March 2016 Grangemouth Sports Complex Shelby Watson

Caitlyn Ross

West Parasport Day 8 March Ravenscraig Sports Centre, Motherwell Colette Martin

Shelby Watson

East Parasport Day 18 March 2016 Forresters High School, Edinburgh Ross Foley


Visual Impairment Day 19 March 2016 Forresters High School, Edinburgh Shelby Watson

Colette Martin

Ross Foley

Hope Gordon (from 11am)

Senior Swimming Gala (Physical Disabilities) 30 April 2016 Grangemouth Sports Complex Danielle Joyce

Hope Gordon

Caitlyn Ross

Senior Swimming Gala (Learning Disabilities) 21 May 2016 Tollcorss Swimming Pool, Glasgow Hope Gordon
Senior Athletics 14 September Grangemouth Sports Centre Colette Martin
Central Parasport Day 25 October 2016 Grangemouth Sports Complex Colette Martin

Group Training Needs Analysis

Through group discussion the group highlighted the following areas for development/courses they would like:

  • Social Media Training (best use)
  • Media Training (possibility for the June meeting date)
  • Come along to UK Disability Inclusion Training Courses
  • PCS/Mindset course

The group are interested in an overnight residential meeting – possibility for Inverclyde as a trial in 2017.

Group to look into potential funding streams for European trips at future meetings/sub groups

Coach mentoring

All panel members interested in the coach mentoring scheme – HL to follow up

SDS Strategic Plan Consultation Summary

Question 1

·         New one – more about all participants; old one very much about performance
·         Impairment – all prefer disability
·         Don’t like disabled but disability is fine
·         Could widen the gap between able bodied and disability sport
·         Combination of both visions
·         Take out ‘performance’ as have ‘participants’
Question 2
·         Narrative beside diagram to explain SIM and new bits like what is inclusion environment, activity etc
·         Prefer blue one
·         Should have equipment in circle
·         Keep SDS logo in – put words in logo eg open etc
·         Take activity x3 out new one


Question 3
·         Yes, still need to be explicit


Question 4
·         More promotion
·         Better educated people eg more DIT-trained and aware of disability sport.  To ensure people don’t accidentally get involved but people know about disability sport and where to signpost/get involved
·         Links to nurses, doctors, physios
·         More available information
·         Raise awareness
·         Better marketing
·         More open days and come & try days
·         More coaches
·         UKCC Courses: disability element – all coaches trained to get qualification


Question 5
·         Influencing and educating doctors, nurses, physios to encourage athletes to take part in disability sport
·         More links to places like Wesmark